Meet Board Member, Ruth Lopez-Cortes

Ruth Lopez-Cortes (“Ruthy”) was born and raised in New York before she moved to Pennsylvania to study and experience her first teaching position. After teaching middle school and high school at an inner city charter school, she later moved to Florida where she currently is a K-12 Spanish Teacher at Ponte Vedra High School in North Florida. Ruth received both her undergraduate degree in Spanish K-12 with a minor in Psychology and her Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language from Messiah College. She also received her Master’s in Educational Administration for all levels from Concordia University, Nebraska.

Besides traveling, singing, spending time with her husband and extended family, and serving her country as an Operations administrative specialist in the Airforce National Guard, Ruth enjoys learning more about Education and how to better serve all stakeholders.

Ruth has served in charter, public, and technical schools for adult education for the past 6 years. She has served in school and district committees, Link Crew, as well as sponsoring the National Honor Society and other student community service clubs. Ruth is simply passionate when working with students, teachers, parents, and administrators in understanding language acquisition, fostering diversity, and implementing effective class management in the classroom. She continues to work hard towards advocating for the educational rights of all students. Ruth also enjoys advocating for teachers because she believes that teachers need supportive administrators and inspiration to help them ignite their fire for teaching. Ruth firmly believes what Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner stated in their book A Leader’s Legacy, “one of the most powerful legacies you can leave is to turn every person you lead, whether a manager or an individual contributor, into a teacher” (p. 24, 2006 ).

She is currently a member of the Florida ASCD board and attributes her dedication to transforming students and her educational success, to God, her family, and her mentors. Her philosophy is that each child is unique and is a blessing given to educators for the purpose of helping them develop academically, socially, and spiritually. Each child should be given an opportunity to make personal connections, critical think, and become contributors to this changing world. She encourages all educators to remember that they are leaders and as John Maxwell once said, “leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another…What you do, means the difference between leaving a track record and leaving a legacy.”