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Dr. Castellano has just published, Educating Hispanic and Latino Students: Opening Doors to Hope, Promise, and Possibility.

Hispanic and Latino students now represent the largest ethnic group educated in the United States public school system. That means the ability to successfully educate Hispanic and Latino students, from pre-kindergarten to graduate school, is now of primary importance to the future of the United States.

Under this critical context, Jaime Castellano’s Educating Hispanic &Latino Students: Opening Doors to Hope, Promise, and Possibility arrives at the perfect moment to help educators better understand the Hispanic and Latino student demographic, and more importantly, uncover the strategies and implementation practices to better educate this burgeoning population.

Topics covered include:

  • The influence of poverty on the education of Hispanic/Latino students
  • The challenge of identity when educating Hispanic/Latino students
  • Educating the whole child and what this means for Hispanic/Latino students
  • Engaging America’s Hispanic/Latino parents and families
  • Supporting Hispanic/Latino students through curriculum, instruction, and assessment

By recognizing that Hispanic and Latino students are vital linguistic, economic, and social resources to our society, Castellano’s Educating Hispanic & Latino Students: Opening Doors to Hope, Promise, and Possibility is rooted in the firm belief that educational equity, access, and higher expectations should be the driving force to provide Hispanic and Latino students a quality education that prepares them for a successful and meaningful future.

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