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Florida ASCD Presents Learning for All – Teaching for All!

A Two-Day Institute for All Educators

Sept. 27-28, 2019

8:00 a.m.  –  1:00 p.m.

To register, please visit: https://drlouwhitaker.wixsite.com/fascd-workshop-2019

To download a PDF flyer, please click here

Engage Me, Please!  Using Brain-Powered Strategies

Keynote: LaVonna Roth, M.A.T. AND M.S. ED.

One surefire way to get our students to take ownership of their learning is to include them in the process!  How?  By providing opportunities to engage our students through strategies that capture how the brain learns and permits our students to have an opportunity to be directly involved in the thinking and learning!  Using your standards as the target of WHAT is to be learned, this session is a quick peek into the WHY and the HOW!


Developing Relationships of Resiliency

Keynote: Kati Pearson, Ed.S.

Students bring with them into the classroom the challenges from their daily lives.  By better understanding the challenges our students face we can build systems to support student need and develop relationships that foster resiliency. Education is the great equalizer and what we do as educators changes lives!  You truly make the difference!


Trauma-Informed Florida Schools: Serving Students with Adverse Childhood Experiences

Jaime Castellano, Ed. D.

Participants who attend this session will be provided with a toolbox that includes the causes and effects of adverse childhood experiences in students; along with strategies and resources for creating social and emotional strength and resilience. Creating trauma-informed practices are necessary for a student’s healthy development and for building perseverance and resiliency.  As a result, teaching and learning experiences focus not only on academics and cognitive ability; but also on the social and emotional development of students as well. A win-win whole child scenario.


Serving Florida’s Hispanic/Latino Students: Opening Doors to Hope, Promise, and Possibility

Jaime Castellano, Ed. D.

Hispanic and Latino students represent the largest ethnic group educated in the state of Florida. For Hispanic/Latino students, an education may be their best and only path for a brighter future. Florida and the rest of our nation are filled with millions of Hispanic/Latino students who have escaped a life of poverty through hard work, a commitment to improvement, and a willingness to persevere. For the majority of them, education was the game-changer. In this session, teachers, principals, and other instructional and educational leaders will receive practical and relevant strategies for moving Hispanic/Latino students forward academically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.


Making Room for the Student Voice

Pamela Dwyer. M. Ed.

In an education era that calls for student-led classrooms and 21st Century skill development, educational decision-makers need to create space for children to explore their own voice through writing and self-expression. This presentation will review the critical areas of development within 21st Century Skill frameworks and align with research that supports process writing (self-expression) as a necessary component of balanced literacy. Through review of these valued practices, educational leaders can evaluate where room can be made in planning a future where classrooms buzz with student voice and access to innovative multi-media is direct in every classroom.


Sallie Payne Rose, M. Ed. and Kimberlee Oakes, M. Ed.

From the studios of Florida ASCD comes a surprising tale about supporting students’ growing up and finding the confidence to develop skills in decision-making, self- regulation, and processing emotions. What began as a search for ways to strengthen students’ executive functioning skills has become an epic adventure spanning a lifetime of strategies to assist students in flexibility, leveled emotionality, impulse control, planning, organizing, and problem-solving. Welcome to one of the most astonishing journeys of a lifetime, How to Train Your Dragon: The EF World.