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February 7, 2020

Contact: Alexa Epitropoulos

ALEXANDRIA, VA— ASCD, a mission-driven nonprofit dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, is proud to announce its 2020 Affiliate Honors Award winners. The honorees will be recognized at the Leadership Appreciation Luncheon during ASCD Empower: The Conference for Learning, Teaching, and Leading Together in Los Angeles, Calif., on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

“ASCD Affiliates are our eyes, hands, and heart on the ground. They support educators where they live and work,” ASCD senior director for constituent services Walter McKenzie said. “They inform ASCD of the unique needs and interests of the professionals supporting the whole child in their communities, states, provinces, and countries.”

The winners of the ASCD 2020 Affiliate Honors Awards are

  • Award for Overall Excellence: Alabama ASCD
  • Award for Excellence in Leadership: New York State ASCD
  • Award for Excellence in Professional Learning: Florida ASCD, Maine ASCD, and Texas ASCD

The Affiliate Overall Excellence Award recognizes excellence in seven areas. Alabama ASCD is honored for overall excellence for their work in leadership and governance, membership, communications, professional learning, influence and policy, building community, and building sustainability.

Area of Excellence awards recognize achievement in specific areas of work. Florida ASCD, Maine ASCD, and Texas ASCD received the Excellence Award for Professional Learning for their exemplary work in offering training and events that support the growth of educators across their respective states. In addition, New York State ASCD received the Excellence Award for Leadership and Governance for their exemplary work serving as the trusted voice advocating for the whole child in their state.

ASCD Affiliates are geographically based groups of educators who strive to enrich learning in local communities, influence education policy at the state level, and exchange high-quality education practices. ASCD has 65 national and international affiliates. The Affiliate Honors Program is based on voting by ASCD Affiliate leaders and, thus, ensures affiliates have the opportunity to celebrate one another’s work and honor those colleagues who model excellence in support of ASCD’s mission, vision, and goals, including the ASCD Whole Child approach.

Congratulations to these outstanding ASCD Affiliates and to all members of the affiliate program for the important work they do on behalf of educators locally.

Learn more about ASCD Affiliates at www.ascd.org/affiliates. More information on the ASCD Empower conference can be found at www.ascd.org/empower. For more information about ASCD’s programs, products, and services, visit www.ascd.org.