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Bill of Rights

The FASCD Board of Directors adopted a Bill of Rights for all of Florida’s School Children.

We believe that…..

All children have the right to…

…be engaged.

…be motivated.

…be challenged.

…be safe, secure & healthy.

…be taught by caring & qualified staff.

…be valued as an individual.

…be curious, creative, & innovative.

…be technologically savvy.

…be globally aware.

…be part of decision-making.

Please join us and ensuring that the rights of all of our children are embraced, fostered and protected!

Below are links to bookmarks in English, Creole, Polish and Spanish. Please feel free to download them and share them. There is also a high resolution poster for your classroom or office!

ENGLISH Florida ASCD Bookmark Front

ENGLISH Florida ASCD Bookmark Front

CREOLE Florida ASCD Bookmark Front

POLISH Florida ASCD Bookmark Front

SPANISH Florida ASCD Bookmark Front

All 4 Different Languages on one Sheet Front

4 ENGLISH on a sheet Bookmark Front

4 ENGLISH on a sheet Bookmark Back

Poster – Bill of Rights