Dimensions – 2014 Issues

Welcome to Dimensions Online, the electronic edition of FASCD’s monthly newsletter. In it, you will find current news and information that pertain to our roles as instructional leaders in today’s schools and classrooms. You make a difference, and FASCD wants to support you and your efforts.
~Tom Lindsay, FASCD Executive Director

Volume 101: July 2014
FASCD Seeking Additional Board Members
2015 Florida Teacher of the Year
Tuition Waivers for Classroom Teachers
Protect Your Brain Health

Volume 100: June 2014
5 Principles of Effective Classroom Assessment
Florida Teaching Certificate Renewal
Survey about Collaboration Opportunities
Lesson Study and Lesson Sharing

Volume 99: June 2014
Traveling Advice
2014 Florida Emerging Leader Winners
Teenagers and Sleep
Websites for Educators: Teachers Pay Teachers and Cartoons for Classroom Instruction

Volume 98: May 2014
Renewal of Florida Professional Certificates
Social Skills for Children
Florida Whole Child State Snapshot
Student Humor

Volume 97: May 2014
A USA-Swiss Cooperative Venture
Teacher Collaboration Highlights
From the Trenches…NEW!
ASCD/National News

Volume 96: April 2014
Do you know an All-Star Teacher?
Paraprosdokians – animal, vegetable, or mineral?
21 things that will be obsolete by 2020 by Shelly Blake-Plock
Celebrating Screen-Free Week: May 5-11th

Volume 95: April 2014

April is Membership Month
Florida Counties Named as Finalists
2014 Brown Center Report on American Education
ASCD and National News

Volume 94: March 2014
The Classroom Perpetual Calendar
The Four Stages of Life

Volume 93: March 2014
So, would you like to be a FASCD Board Member?
Injecting Energy into Lessons
A Classroom Perpetual Calendar…Stop the questions and look up.
Feeling stress?

Volume 92: February 2014
Congratulations to Terry McMahon and Dr. Alberto Carvalho
Through the Looking Glass
Classroom Management: The Intervention Two-Step by Dr. Richard Curwin
ASCD News for the aspiring 2014 class of Emergent Leaders

Volume 91: February 2014
An Essential Question for Developing Student-Centered Classrooms by Tom Bonnell
Interesting Testimony by Russ Whitehurst
Great Truths about Growing Old

Volume 90: January 2014
STEM Education
Congratulations to Dorina Sackman
State Education Leaders Vow New Tests by Fall by John Kennedy
National Board to Gauge Support for English Learners, Education Research Law