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Florida ASCD

Board of Directors

Executive Board


Kelley Ranch



Johnny Nash



Alina Davis


Past President:

Paul M. Terry



Alina Davis



David Magee


Executive Director:
Kim Pearson


Directors by Region

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Region 1



Region 2

Pat Melvin


Region 3

Ralph Barrett

Marcy Kysilka

Mike Mizwicki

Shelia Windom


Region 4

Allan Dornseif

Felitta Lott


Region 5

Catherine J. Weitman

Region 6

Angel Chaisson


Florida ASCD Mission

To provide a venue that attracts a diverse membership committed to the improvement of teaching, learning, and leadership.


Florida ASCD Goals

  • Provide a forum for collaboration to improve education.

  • Deliver programs in a variety of formats, which meet the needs of Florida educators.

  • Provide a communication network that links Florida educators.

  • Support and encourage research and development activities designed to enhance educational practice.

Florida ASCD Beliefs

We Believe that...

  • collaboration fosters a quality educational system.
  • an ever-changing world necessitates life long learning
  • dialog among people promotes understanding and vision for a common purpose.
  • sound decision making in democracy is founded on an informed society.
  • diversity strengthens society.
  • learning occurs in an environment that fosters safety, love and trust.

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Welcome to Dimensions On-Line, the electronic edition of Dimensions. Dimensions On-Line is e-mailed to all members. It contains news of interest to Florida ASCD members and Florida educators. This newsletter is a benefit of your membership in Florida ASCD.

Florida ASCD Announcements



New Members

Florida ASCD would like to recognize and welcome all of the new members who have recently joined Florida ASCD as well as those members who renewed their membership with our organization.


Claudia Bostwick
Sarah Butzin
Cari Canino
Lois Christensen
Walter Christy
Catherine Cook
Denise Crabtree
Glen Dallman
Dennis Duke
Jeri Eckler
Catherine Elliott
Paul Fenning
Brad Finkbiner
Laurie Flynn

Maria Galasso
Ginger Green
Karlheinz Haas
Loretta Hines
Joan Hunt
David Jones
Kathy Kaiser
Marcia Klein
James Lawless
Thomas Maher
Cindy Massarelli-Gates
Janet McGee
Patricia Melvin

Karen Moates
Nancy Mooy
Mary Mosley
Jeanne Nelson
Latonya Parker
Julie Pearl
Lucy Puello-Capone
Deborah Schwope
H. Singleton
Mary Sweet
Lori Wiggins
Mary Williams
Libby Willis
Tracy Wilson


Members in the News

Have you had a recent event to share with others in Florida ASCD (like a job change, promotion, retirement, award or recognition received, unique travel experience, etc.)?  We would like to include your information in the next Electronic Dimensions. Send it to us: fascd@fascd.org


Board or Directors Needed

Looking for a way to enhance and broaden your educational experiences? If so, we have the position for you! We are looking for interested educators to join our board of directors. We are specifically looking for board members from the panhandle. If you are interested, please email Kim Pearson at fascd@fascd.org.


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Florida ASCD Events


Annual Conference

Be sure to make plans to attend this year's Florida ASCD 50th Annual conference! The conference is scheduled for September 26, 2009 at NOVA Southeastern University in Orlando. This one day conference is packed full of professional development opportunities for as low as $40. Please visit our annual conference site at: https://www.fascd.org/09conference.html for more information. Registration is open!


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Grants & Awards


CVS: Caremark Community Grants
The CVS Caremark Community Grants program awards funds to nonprofit organizations for programs targeting children with disabilities; programs focusing on health and rehabilitation services; and public schools promoting a greater level of inclusion in student activities and extracurricular programs, and initiatives that give greater access to physical movement and play. Additionally, some contributions are made to organizations that provide uninsured individuals with needed care, in particular programs where the care received is of higher quality and delivered by providers who participate in accountable community health care programs. Maximum award: $5,000. Eligibility: public schools with programs for children under age 18 with disabilities. Deadline: October 31, 2009. http://www.cvscaremark.com/community/our- impact/community-grants


AASA/Aramark Education/ING: National Superintendent of the Year
The American Association of School Administrators National Superintendent of the Year Program pays tribute to the talent and vision of the men and women who lead the nation's public schools. Maximum award: $10,000. Eligibility: U.S. public school superintendents and superintendents of American schools abroad who plan to continue in the profession. Deadline: September 30, 2009.http://www.aasa.org/awards/content1.cfm?ItemNumber=890

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News Briefs


Music, dance and technology are part of charter's curriculum plan
A charter elementary school opening this month in Florida plans to mix arts and technology with a traditional curriculum. The Life Force Arts & Technology Academy for those in kindergarten through third grade will include ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, drama, singing and computers. "The twist here is we're going to be using performing arts and technology as a way of communicating with kids," said the charter school's chairman. "The goal is for kids to work one grade above their level within a year." http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/article1025536.ece

Popular Hebrew charter school in Florida wants to expand
A charter school in Florida where Hebrew is taught as a second language is seeking permission to expand, despite previous concerns over the extent of the public school's religious curriculum. Ben Gamla is at capacity, 600 students, with a waiting list. An expert hired by the school district reviewed the school's lessons and called them "entirely appropriate for a publicly funded charter school." http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/hollywood/sfl-hebrew-charter-school-b080209,0,7989793.story

Dance company offers at-risk children summer camp in the spotlight
A scholarship-based summer program taught by members of the renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Company offers dance instruction to at-risk children in 11 cities across the nation. In Miami and Dade County, Fla., the free AileyCamp engaged 80 children in ballet, jazz, modern and West African dance classes. The intent is to foster self-esteem, discipline and independent thinking. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/miami-dade/story/1163382.html?asset_id=1164048&asset_type=audio

Teachers develop techniques to combat stress of tests
Educators in Florida have developed methods for reducing testing stress among students, including prayer, meditation and speeches of encouragement. An expert says educators can ease student fears about high-stakes state tests by teaching to state standards and focusing less on the tests. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/miami-dade/story/1157937.html

Florida school reform offers mixed results at 10-year mark
Florida implemented public-education reform 10 years ago -- grading schools based on students' test scores. Opinion varies on the success of the effort. Test scores have increased and the achievement gap has narrowed, but graduation rates lag -- and critics say that a single test should not be dictating curriculum and determining school success. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/education/story/1157931.html

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ASCD Connections


Supporting Whole Child Education: Are You on the Record?
ASCD's whole child education Web site now includes a petition campaign targeted at your state boards of education. The petition asks the boards to go on the record in support of policies and practices that ensure all children are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. As an Educator Advocate, you can make a difference by signing the petition and forwarding it to others who support policies that ensure what is best for our kids. When your state reaches the goal of 1,000 signatures, ASCD will deliver the petition to your board of education. If you're ready to go on the record, www.wholechildeducation.org to sign the petition.

New Whole Child Resources to Help Your School and Community Make the Grade
ASCD is starting this new year with the firm conviction that it takes every one of us to create the change that our children need. We are committed to providing resources that will support you and your community as you work to ensure that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. The "Grade Your School Too" will help you move your community toward this goal by providing a snapshot of your community's strengths and weaknesses. For further info go to: wholechildeduca tion.org. Recently, ASCD unveiled an upgrade to the tool which now offers additional feedback, resources, and next steps tailored to your answers. These specific suggestions will help you continue your progress, whether your school and community are struggling to meet the needs of the whole child or are demonstrating whole child successes. Grade your school and community today!


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Contact Us


Florida ASCD Electronic Dimensions is published as the newsletter of Florida ASCD, publishing announcements, coming events, awards, short articles and items of interest for and about Florida ASCD members.  Items for publication should be sent to Florida ASCD headquarters at the address below. Views expressed are not necessarily the official position of Florida ASCD. Any product announcements appearing in Florida ASCD Electronic Dimensions are paid advertisements. They do not reflect an endorsement by Florida ASCD.


Please send comments, articles, announcements, and suggestions for future topics to the Editor:


Kim Pearson, Executive Director, Florida ASCD

11511 Pine Street

Seminole, FL 33772






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