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Florida ASCD

Board of Directors

Executive Board


Shelia Windom



Paul M. Terry



Lenford Sutton


Past President:

Ralph Barrett



Alina Davis



David Magee


Executive Director:
Kim Pearson


Directors by Region

(region map)


Region 1

Peter Ulrich


Region 2

Pat Melvin

Kelley Ranch


Region 3

Marcy Kysilka

Mike Mizwicki

John Nash


Region 4

Tessie Dickson

Allan Dornseif


Region 5

May Gamble


Region 6

Catherine J. Weitman


Florida ASCD Mission

Providing educational direction for all who impact teaching and learning.

   Florida ASCD Purpose

The purpose of this association shall be the general improvement of instruction and supervision and the encouragement of professional growth.

Florida ASCD Goals

  • Provide a forum for collaboration to improve education.

  • Deliver programs in a variety of formats, which meet the needs of Florida educators.

  • Provide a communication network that links Florida educators.

  • Support and encourage research and development activities designed to enhance educational practice.

Florida ASCD Beliefs

We Believe that...

  • collaboration fosters a quality educational system.
  • an ever-changing world necessitates life long learning
  • dialog among people promotes understanding and vision for a common purpose.
  • sound decision making in democracy is founded on an informed society.
  • diversity strengthens society.
  • learning occurs in an environment that fosters safety, love and trust.

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Welcome to Dimensions On-Line, the electronic edition of Dimensions. Dimensions On-Line is e-mailed to all members. It contains news of interest to Florida ASCD members and Florida educators. This newsletter is a benefit of your membership in Florida ASCD.

Florida ASCD Announcements


Message from the President
It has been my great pleasure to serve as President of the Florida Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.  There is no doubt that my work with Florida ASCD has led to some of the best professional development I have ever experienced. I am sure that my involvement in Florida ASCD has led to many success stories and one being that I was chosen as an Emerging Leader in the first cohort for ASCD.  The people I have met and worked with in Florida ASCD are some of the best people I know. Great ideas don’t necessarily come from outside of Florida; some of the best work in education for the purpose of helping children has happened here within our organization.  I have even started looking into the future of Florida ASCD by organizing the second student chapter in Florida in which I am sure they will step into our positions as time progresses.

I encourage all of you to become even more involved in the association than you are now. Please make contact with Kim Pearson, Executive Director or the upcoming President, Dr. Paul M. Terry to let them know that you are ready to help on a committee or with other tasks that will allow Florida ASCD to continue to grow. We need each member of Florida ASCD to talk to young educators and let them know the importance of professional involvement and encourage them to join. I believe that Florida ASCD is on the verge of a growth spurt as more and more educators see the need to take action to keep learning at the center of what we do.

Please remember that everything we do, we do for the children. Please continue to keep whole children at the center of your work. Thank you again for your membership and thank you for your support during my year as President. You will be in good hands with Dr. Paul M. Terry, who was my first professor at NOVA when I began my doctoral work back in 2001.  As the old saying goes, “he taught me well”.


Dr. Shelia Windom

President, FASCD


New Members

Florida ASCD would like to recognize and welcome all of the new members who have recently joined or renewed their membership with our organization.


Emery Bishop
Brenda Blackburn
Henri Sue Bynum
Mary Lou Capan
Glen Dallman
Sandra Davis
Judy Denio
Sylvia Diaz
Jennifer Geimer
Joan Gosnell
Karlheinz Haas
Simone Hebert
Allison Hoskins
Karen Jackson
John Kelly
Sue Kress
Lynne Lieberman
Laura Lougee
Lee Ann Mann
Lawrence McDowell
Nancy Mooy
Robert Nelson
Cesta Newman
John Norris
Madeline O'Dea
Richard Perhla
Oliver Phipps
Donna Pounds-Harrison
Jennifer Reeves
Sharon Richert
Rene Rovirosa
Jane Stoecker
Anna Tsambis
Cyndi Van Meter
Gina Vigil
Toni Wiersma
Iranetta Wright
Jason Wysong


Members in the News

Have you had a recent event to share with others in Florida ASCD (like a job change, promotion, retirement, award or recognition received, unique travel experience, etc.)?  We would like to include your information in the next Electronic Dimensions. Send it to us: fascd@fascd.org



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Florida ASCD Events


Annual Conference

Our 49th Annual Conference will be held December 5-6, 2008 at NOVA Southeastern University in Orlando. The call for presenters is ready and posted on our website. Consider being a speaker at our conference. We have already booked nationally acclaimed speaker: Dr. Steven Layne. Mark the dates on your calendar and plan to attend! Visit the conference site for more information!


Professional Development Institute-Fort Walton Beach

We had a great professional development institute in Fort Walton Beach on building vocabulary instruction for secondary students. The session introduced participants to an outline of 10 monthly units of study in Latin/Greek vocabulary. Then they learned about and practiced the activities for two of the units: Latin prefixes and Greek alphabet and stems. Some of the activities were inferring meaning from prefixes with rationale on how meaning was attained, Latin Prefix Wheel of Fortune game, a team game of answering questions that applied Latin and Greek phrasing by using buzzers to determine first responder on the teams, making pictionaries, creating a Latin/Greek collage, using word parts cards to create words, doing a word hunt by finding Latin/Greek phrases in texts, finding derivatives for particular roots, and reviewing one type of assignment packet. They worked all day practicing and discussing how to implement the program. If this sounds like a great way to spend a professional development day, email us at fascd@fascd.org and let us know, and we will try to work out the details to bring the PDI to your area.


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Grants & Awards

Motorola Innovation Generation Grants
The Motorola Innovation Generation Grants provide funds for initiatives that creatively foster a love of science early in life and show a new generation of inventors that careers involving science and math are important, challenging and possible. Priority will be given to programs that incorporate Motorola employees as volunteers. The maximum award is $250,000. Eligible organizations include 501(c)3 organizations. The deadline for submission is: June 15, 2008. If you would like more information, please click here http://www.motorola.com/content.jsp?globalObjectId=8153.

Bridgestone Firestone Driving Safety Film Contest for Teens
The Bridgestone Firestone 2008 Safety Scholars Video Contest will award college scholarships for the most compelling and effective videos that drive home life-saving messages on auto and tire safety, and includes a chance for young filmmakers to have their auto safety videos broadcast as a public service commercial. The maximum award is $5,000 scholarship and a new set of Bridgestone tires. Eligibility is open to all high school students. The deadline for submissions is June 24, 2008. Click here for more information: http://www.safetyscholars.com/.

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News Briefs

There is a Need for Increased Emphasis on Middle Skills
Recently, the Council on Competitiveness urged an increased emphasis on "middle" skills (those inherent to jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree but do require training beyond high school). The thrust of the need is a workforce that is enabled to better interact with customers, reports Mark Schoeff for Workforce Management. While it is evident that the United States needs to produce more scientists and engineers, quality alone is insufficient. For instance, technology workers need to have stronger interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial skills. Read more at http://www.workforce.com/section/00/article/25/51/29.ht ml

Online Community for Educators to Exchange Ideas
At Shareology.org, educators can exchange best practices, review new technologies, post feedback on their innovations, learn from each other's experiences, and find resources to help them succeed in the classroom. After registering (which is free), educators will find ideas for K-12 instruction, funding sources for projects, and information about technology products and services. The site also includes a Podcasting Corner, which features samples of how students are using podcasts and gives educators ideas for how to use podcasting in their own lesson. Go to http://www.shareology.org/

A Key to Literacy: Parents Talking with Their Kids
Schooling does matter, but literacy starts at home, writes Laura Pappano for the Harvard Education Letter. Teachers have long urged parents to read aloud to their children, but now there is a second and perhaps more powerful message coming from educators: talk to your kids! Mounting research that links language-rich home environments with reading success and school achievement is driving educators and community groups to target families long before children even register for school. Visit http://www.edletter.org/insights/familyconversation.sht ml

Creating the 21st-Century Classroom
Preparing today's youth to succeed in the digital economy requires a new kind of teaching and learning. Skills such as global literacy, computer literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation have become critical in today's increasingly interconnected workforce and society- and technology is the catalyst for bringing these changes into the classroom. Find out how other educators are defining 21st-century learning as you strive to implement this vision of education in your own schools. Visit http://www.eschoolnews.com/resources/creating-the- 21st-century-classroom/

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ASCD Connections


Annual Conference

Make plans now to attend  ASCD's annual conference in Orlando, March 14-16, 2009. The conference theme is "Learning Beyond Boundaries."

ASCD's 2008 Conference on Teaching and Learning
Plan to attend the ASCD 2008 Conference on Teaching and Learning. The conference will be held October 24-26, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. For more conference information on this conference, Professional Practices That Work: What's Blocking High Student Achievement? , go to http://www.ascd.org/portal/site/ascd/menuitem.4bf962 cfeb89d92abfb3ffdb62108a0c/

The Whole Child: Speak Out for the Whole Child

ASCD is making it easy to advocate for the whole child. The new Whole Child Resolution Tool Kit can help you convince policymakers in your community to support a resolution that addresses students' five basic needs-to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Inside the tool kit, you'll find a sample resolution, tips for passing a resolution in your community, a sample letter advocating a resolution, sample letters to the editor, a sample petition, and a feedback form. To download the toolkit, go to http://www.wholechildeducation.org/ and click on Policy Blackboard.


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Professional Development


Achieving Academic Excellence by Educating the Whole Child

Florida ASCD has agreed to be a sponsor with More Health Inc., in hosting a Florida School Leadership Summit on June 11, 2008 in Tampa. ASCD's Executive Director will be a speaker for this event as well as Florida ASCD's President Elect, Paul Terry. The institute's goal is to provide opportunities for school leaders and community decision makers to explore how to positively influence student academic performance by addressing health and wellness as integral to educating children. For more information please see brochure.


FASD Fall Leadership Conference

The Florida Association for Staff Development is hosting a Leadership Conference on September 22-24, 2008 in St. Pete Beach. Highlights will include how to incorporate state of the art technology in staff development delivery to meet the needs of the 21st Century students and identify low cost technology delivery tools to address budgetary impacts. View their website at www.fasdonline.org for more information.


Florida Education Research Association Conference

The 53rd Annual Conference of the Florida Educational Research Association (FERA) will be at The Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL November 19-21, 2008. Save the date! FERA is not just for statisticians and methodologists. It reaches a very diverse audience with researchers from all disciplines and content areas.Topics for 2008 may include but not limited to research on: Large-scale Assessment, Assessment on Special Populations, Technology in Classrooms, Students in Higher Education, Student's Learning, Schools and Teachers, Schools and Leadership, Test Construction, Statistics, Psychometrics. The program also will have invited speakers and papers or symposia presented by prominent educational research, measurement, and evaluation theorists and practitioners. Visit the FERA website at http://feraonline.org/


Research to Reality Summer Institute

The UCF Academy for Teaching, Learning and Leadership will be offering a summer institute. The institute is titled Research to Reality. This 4-part series will focus on practical ideas to influence Culturally Responsive Leadership in secondary (6-12) schools and classrooms. The lead presenters provide workshops and seminars for educators (teachers, counselors, principals and administrators) in districts across the country and bring to the series techniques, strategies and ideas that can be taken back to your school or classroom to use tomorrow. This 4-day series will be held on the UCF main campus in Orlando, Florida on July 14 - 17, 2008. Evening events will be offered through collaborative relationships with several local organizations. You can pre-register for either a Sunset Winter Park Scenic Boat Ride or an evening of desserts and coffee while looking at the Summer Night Sky though the telescope at the Planetarium at the Orlando Science Center, in Orlando, FL. Please see http://education.ucf.edu/rr/ for more information.

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Contact Us


Florida ASCD Electronic Dimensions is published as the newsletter of Florida ASCD, publishing announcements, coming events, awards, short articles and items of interest for and about Florida ASCD members.  Items for publication should be sent to Florida ASCD headquarters at the address below. Views expressed are not necessarily the official position of Florida ASCD. Any product announcements appearing in Florida ASCD Electronic Dimensions are paid advertisements. They do not reflect an endorsement by Florida ASCD.


Please send comments, articles, announcements, and suggestions for future topics to the Editor:


Kim Pearson, Executive Director, Florida ASCD

11225 Kapok Grand Circle

Madeira Beach, FL 33708






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