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Florida ASCD

Board of Directors

Executive Board


Shelia Windom



Paul M. Terry



Lenford Sutton


Past President:

Ralph Barrett



Alina Davis



David Magee


Executive Director:
Kim Pearson


Directors by Region

(region map)


Region 1



Region 2

Pat Melvin


Region 3

Marcy Kysilka

Mike Mizwicki

John Nash


Region 4

Tessie Dickson

Allan Dornseif


Region 5

Jaime Castellano

May Gamble

Simone Hebert

Carlos Viera

Catherine J. Weitman


Florida ASCD Mission

Providing educational direction for all who impact teaching and learning.

   Florida ASCD Purpose

The purpose of this association shall be the general improvement of instruction and supervision and the encouragement of professional growth.

Florida ASCD Goals

  • Provide a forum for collaboration to improve education.

  • Deliver programs in a variety of formats, which meet the needs of Florida educators.

  • Provide a communication network that links Florida educators.

  • Support and encourage research and development activities designed to enhance educational practice.

Florida ASCD Beliefs

We Believe that...

  • collaboration fosters a quality educational system.
  • an ever-changing world necessitates life long learning
  • dialog among people promotes understanding and vision for a common purpose.
  • sound decision making in democracy is founded on an informed society.
  • diversity strengthens society.
  • learning occurs in an environment that fosters safety, love and trust.

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Welcome to Dimensions On-Line, the electronic edition of Dimensions. Dimensions On-Line is e-mailed to all members. It contains news of interest to Florida ASCD members and Florida educators. This newsletter is a benefit of your membership in Florida ASCD.

Florida ASCD Announcements


Message from the President
Greetings! The school year is well on the way and drawing close to Thanksgiving break and many of you are looking forward to some much needed rest. One activity we do at this time of the year is look over the continuing education/staff development offerings for our PDIís.  I encourage you to register for the Florida ASCD Annual Conference at Nova Southeastern University on Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1. Fliers continue to be sent to all the members. 

The Florida ASCD Annual Conference Committee has scheduled a variety of speakers and seminars to help build educators and curriculum developers understanding the task of transforming their schools. The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. John Draper, whose books and articles have clarified research on what school leaders can do to increase student achievement. Dr. Judy Carr, from USF, will explain some important elements of the 21st Century initiative during a General Session. Concurrent sessions will be presented by practitioners from around the state who will focus their remarks on teaching, learning and leading in 21st Century schools. Please take several moments to look over the website, share the information with your colleagues and register prior to November 30. If you have any questions or canít find a registration form, contact Kim Pearson or myself. Have a great Thanksgiving Break and I look forward to seeing you at the annual conference.

Dr. Shelia Windom

President, FASCD


New Members

Florida ASCD would like to recognize and welcome all of the new members who have recently joined or renewed their membership with our organization.


Kathy Miranda
Carol Pickens
Nicholas Smith
Kay Gonsoulin, Alachua
Lynda Hayes, Alachua
Carole Lowe, Alachua
Eric Fleming, Brevard
Donna Szpyrka, Brevard
Nadine Barnes, Broward
Peri-Anne Chobot, Broward
Cathy Greenspan, Broward
Samuel Perkins, Broward
Joseph Petro, Broward
Lawrence Smith, Broward
Lori Davis, Charolette
Jolie Ducey, Collier
Pilar Baldwin, Dade
Linda Waters, Desoto
Anita Carlson, Duval
Victoria Crowell, Duval

Linda Goudy, Duval
Kelley Ranch, Duval
Peggy Akerman, Escambia
Michelle White, Escambia
Carol Ellis, Hernando
Margie Fackelman, Hernando
Kimberly Nix, Hillsborough
Charles Paradiso, Kissimmee
Frederick White, Lee
Stephen Baker, Manatee
Suzanne Belisle, Miami-Dade
Kate Green, Miami-Dade
Maria Paradela, Miami-Dade
Fay Roseman, Miami-Dade
Cindy Massarelli, Okaloosa
Mariva Elaine Barrington, Orange
Patricia Fox, Orange
Patricia Fritzler, Orange
Kara Rosenblatt, Orange
Crystal Yoakum, Orange

Pam Tapley, Osceola
Mary Tumbleson, Osceola
Sadiq Hamidani, Palm Beach
Liz Knowles, Palm Beach
Laura Mardyks, Palm Beach
Robin Summas, Palm Beach
Vicki Garner, Pasco
Curits Fuller, Pinellas
Linda Hatley, Pinellas
Sarah Karlo, Pinellas
Stuart Miller, Pinellas
Darlene Bruner, Polk
Badonna Dardis, Polk
Marsha Hill, Putnam
Jennifer Blasdel, Sarasota
Allan Dornseif, Sarasota
Chris Steinwachs, Sarasota
Pamela Russo, Seminole
Joseph Joyner, St. Johns
Yvette Lerner, Washington


Members in the News

Have you had a recent event to share with others in Florida ASCD (like a job change, promotion, retirement, award or recognition received, unique travel experience, etc.)?  We would like to include your information in the next Electronic Dimensions. Send it to us: fascd@fascd.org



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Florida ASCD Events


Annual Conference

Registration for Florida ASCD's 48th Annual Conference is open and filling up!  This year's conference theme is Reinventing Schools: An Extreme School Makeover. The conference is November 30, 2007-December 1, 2007 at NOVA Southeastern University in Orlando, Fl. A great easy location to get to, near the Mall of Millenia. The conference committee has determined the speakers at the conference and have selected a number of presentations that represent K-12 educators, administrators, and supervisors. See the buffet of presentations at www.fascd.org/2007_conference_schedule.htm. This event is sure to be one you do not want to miss! Please visit www.fascd.org/2007_Conference.htm for more information about our conference as well as our registration page. Registration is limited, so please register early. Florida ASCD hopes to see you there!


Professional Development Institute-Fort Walton Beach

Join us for a Professional Development Institute in beautiful Fort Walton Beach! Our PDI is geared for secondary reading teachers who are interested in learning the secrets of teaching reading instruction in any subject! The title of this workshop is: Weaving Thinking and Reading Strategies into Content Instructional Plans. The cost is only $100! This is a great deal. If you would like more information or would like to register, please visit http://fascd.org/07PDI-FWB.htm.


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National Schools of Character Awards Program

The 2008 National Schools of Character Awards Program names public and private schools and districts (K-12) as National Schools of Character (NSOC) for their outstanding work in character education. The program honors recipients, showcases their work, and helps them to inspire and lead others. Maximum Award: $20,000. Eligibility: schools engaged in character education for a minimum of three full years, starting no later than December 2004, and having a minimum of 175 students; districts engaged in character education for a minimum of four full years, starting no later than December 2003. Deadline: December 3, 2007. http://www.character.org/site/c.gwKUJhNYJrF/b.2766927/k.58C8/National_Schools_of_Character_Awards.htm


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Funding for Teachers to Bring Monarch Butterflies Into the Classroom
The Live Monarch Foundation Educator Outreach Program provides funding for teachers throughout the United States to enroll in the National Campaign to bring Monarch Butterflies into the classroom. This program provides education and materials to strengthen the Monarchís 3,000 mile migratory route within North America by creating self-sustaining butterfly gardens and refuges. Current extreme weather has eliminated early milkweed growth... participation is critical. Materials will be provided for each participant to raise a virtual butterfly and start a real butterfly garden with professional instruction on each level of its maintenance and care, with insight into the shared responsibility of each person to protect our fragile environment one backyard at a time. Maximum Award: n/a. Eligibility: teachers and classrooms in areas on the monarch migratory route. Deadline: rolling.

Involving Actuaries in Teaching Mathematics
The Actuarial Foundation Advancing Student Achievement Mentoring Program awards grants to schools and groups so that they develop a viable mentoring program involving actuaries in the teaching of mathematics to children in private and public schools. Collaboration among school systems, local actuarial clubs, corporations and other stakeholders in education is encouraged in order to enhance the chances of success, particularly on a long-term basis. Maximum Award: $30,000. Eligibility: any local group or organization. Deadline: N/A. http://www.actuarialfoundation.org/grant/bestpractices.html

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News Briefs


Calculation of Graduation Rates Differ
If Congress doesn't get the job done, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings says she'll consider using her authority to require states to report high school graduation rates in a more uniform and accurate way. For more information view the web page at: http://www.boston.com/news/education/k_12/articles/2007/11/09/calculation_of_graduation_rates_differ/

San Diego Arts Program Helps Children at Risk
Cal State San Marcos professor Merryl Goldberg is using arts to help keep at-risk San Diego-area middle and high school students from falling through the cracks. "We hear from a lot of teachers, 'Oh my God, my students who were underperforming are doing so much better,'" she said. "...[N]ow they have this other way to express themselves." http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/northcounty/20071109-9999-lz1mc9artes.html

NYC May Shutter Some Schools with Failing Grades
Fifty New York City public schools were deemed failures Monday under a new citywide grading system, and some of those schools may be closed as soon as this school year, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said. Although more than 60% of schools earned A's and B's under the new grading system, some with top-notch reputations received D's and F's. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/06/education/06reportcards.html?_r=1&ex=1352091600&en=eb564e7458b1b8eb&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&oref=slogin

Florida Science Standards Ignite Evolution Debate
Florida's proposed revision of its science standards to explicitly refer to evolution has reignited public debate, with an estimated 3,000 people already having posted their opinion on a Florida Department of Education Web site. Teaching evolution amid such controversy can be difficult, but a special issue of the McGill Journal of Education focuses on evolution teaching strategies. http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2007/11/07/11evolution.h27.html?tmp=659381280

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ASCD Connections


Annual Conference

Make plans now to attend  ASCD's annual conference in New Orleans, March 15-17, 2008. The conference theme is "Reinventing Schools: Courageous Leadership for Positive Change." Pre-conference institutes are available for registration now.


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Contact Us


Florida ASCD Electronic Dimensions is published as the newsletter of Florida ASCD, publishing announcements, coming events, awards, short articles and items of interest for and about Florida ASCD members.  Items for publication should be sent to Florida ASCD headquarters at the address below. Views expressed are not necessarily the official position of Florida ASCD. Any product announcements appearing in Florida ASCD Electronic Dimensions are paid advertisements. They do not reflect an endorsement by Florida ASCD.


Please send comments, articles, announcements, and suggestions for future topics to the Editor:


Kim Pearson, Executive Director, Florida ASCD

11225 Kapok Grand Circle

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